“With this podcast they display their dj abilities – open minded, versatile, but still to the point!”KILLEKILL PODCAST#11: LAKKER


Electronic Exporations

So here is our exclusive mix for Rob Booth.

Track listening is as follows in Graphic (Click to expand) and Text form.


01. Selection of edited Inuit Katajjak
02. Eileen Carpio – Chimness – [unreleased]
03. Demdike Stare – Falling Of The Edge (Alternate Version) – [Modern Love]
04. Lakker – [forthcoming Killekill]
05. Lakker – untitled – [unreleased]
06. Andy Stott – Posers – [Modern Love]
07. Lakker – Arc – [Blueprint]
08. Emptyset – Point – [Subtext]
09. Chris Watson – Vatnajokull – [Lakker Edit]
10. Cassegrain & Tin Man – Sear – [Killekill]
11. Eomac – Stylised & Desensitised [unreleased]
12. Lakker – eeAea [forthcoming Blueprint] / [unreleased]
13. Lakker – LF9 [forthcoming LoveLove Records]
14. Lakker – Preset Numb [forthcoming LoveLove Records]
15. Lakker – Static & Amp [forthcoming Blueprint]
16. Eomac – Slide FX [Acroplane]
17. Lakker – Mausoleum [forthcoming Blueprint]
18. Marta Gomex – Tonada De La Luna Llena – [Chesky Records]
19. Extra sound FX, loops, samples by Lakker.

Spider Silk 12″ – OUT NOW!!

Available now at Juno and Clone, and all other good record stores soon…
Here’s what people have been saying about the release so far:

‘Completely outta space stuff. Lovin’ it.’ (Laurent Garnier)


‘Maaaaaan! That is huge! WIll play like crazy. Sure… Really impressive…’ (Lucy/Stroboscopic Artefacts)


‘A and B2 are killers!’ (Phon.o/50 Weapons)


‘Thanks for sending this over. very cool that aphex likes it!
i like the first track. the whole ep is cool, but the first track is the most playable. I like the vibe.’ (John Tejada)


‘Amazing release!! A and B2 are awesome!
We’ll play them for sure and we’ll use them for our future podcasts. Thanx and Support KILLEKILL!!!’ (Dadub/Stroboscopic Artefacts)


‘Spider silk is a monster track!’ (Hubble/Archipel)
‘Definitely feeling all 3 of these and just in time for my 4 hour set on friday! good stuff.’ (Brendon Moeller)


‘Mate, this ep by Lakker is fantastic! Had to give it a proper listen..very very good and above all, interesting.’ (Alex Tsiridis/Cassgrain/prologue)


‘Uber-geil ep hier! Really dope, warm, original techno, fantastic production! I love all of these, especially Litiv – nice overtones of Aphex Twin / Boards of Canada. Sweet stuff indeed. Full support for a really grown-up release! :)’ (Deepchild)


‘I like this EP very much. Every track for itself is very good and outstanding and interesting. I will chart this and play in my weirdo set.’ (Mathias Schaffhäuser)

‘This sounds amazing! Lovin’! I will play one of those tonite in Miami!!!’ (Acid Washed)