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13 Responses to “Music”

  1. Shane said

    Good track!

  2. barryc said

    Thanks for sharing so much quality audio.

  3. MarkH said

    Thanks lads

  4. t-woc said

    like lippu a lot

  5. Thanks guys, you’ve given us so much excellent music over the years in so many different styles. I was listening to older lakker stuff the other night. ‘Rip my hard drive’ classic stuff. Which made me listen to all the :undermine: tracks.
    Which brought me back to the suburban cutting champions… you guys rock! really looking forward to seeing you hit hard in 2011.

  6. louisey said

    Kleure is sweet. Would like to see you play again soon!

  7. padriguesh said

    really sweet harmonies , keep progressing .))

  8. alex said

    Hey guys… major PROPs for the Aphex plays at forbidden fruit…. Loving your music recently. Think I saw ye support Rob Hall a decade ago but not sure……:/
    Check out my youtube channel for goodies…

  9. humo said

    Good stuff here… I’ve just bought traktor scratch this morning so something could come out… =) thanks for sharing your music!

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