‘…it may make you cower. It might give you nightmares.’

So say Pitchfork. Have a listen for yourself below…

Taken from ‘Tundra‘, out May 11th on R&S Records.



We’ve just released our first full EP with the amazing Stroboscopic Artefact’s today.

Here’s what some nice humans said about it.

FACT Magazine
Strong stuff. The club tracks are as prickly and particulate as Lakker’s best, but most interesting is ‘Asvattha’ which doesn’t really sound like any other ‘experimental’ techno I’ve heard before.

BBC Music
This is at its best when he hits a hypnotic groove – I could listen to the first 20 or 30 bars of ‘Nevada’ for hours, but after that it just gets better through restraint. 
The opening section of ‘Asvattha’ could be Monolake (and as I’m sure you know, I mean that as a compliment), before turning into something that’s Lakker’s alone. An impressive EP.

Get it here:


Torann EP

This video is HD and best watched on Vimeo itself,in full screen mode with headphones.

LAKKER ‎– Torann E.P.

Get it Here

Label: Blueprint – BP037
Format: Vinyl, Digital.
Released: Oct 2012

A1 Summer Rains
A2 Mustard Crying
B1 Ciar
B2 Static & Amp
B3 One Note





Arc EP Update

Our first release with Blueprint Records is out now. Get the 12″ from any of the links below.

Bleep – ‘…fits in comfortably with the current wave of young producers making really forward-thinking techno; i.e. Blawan, Objekt, Untold etc… Highly recommended.’

(Though not sure where they got Northern Ireland from, we’re from Dublin…)

Juno – ‘This release proves again that it’s the producers operating at the fringes who often make the most rewarding techno.’

Boomkat – ‘…nihilistic bunker techno…’

Norman Records – ‘All in all a solid EP.’

Also available in Dublin shops All City / Earwiggle and Elastic Witch

Digital coming soon…