Our Set @ Jigs N’ Rigs 2010

We had so much fun playing at the Jigs N’ Rigs festival on Rathlin Island last week that we decided to put our set up here as a free download so you can all enjoy it again and again and again.

Big ups to the Audio Terrorists for having us play in their tent.


1. Autechre – pce freeze 281
2. Lakker – Dark Hiss Loop
3. Ben klock – Subzero
4. DJ Ghosthunter – Experiment 3 (MLZ Remix)
5. Ancient Methods – Untitled (Fourth Method A1)
6. Omar Souleyman – Laqtuf Ward Min Khaddak (I Will Pick A Flower From Your Cheek)
7. Mo Oizo – Positif (LFO Remix)
8. Planetary Assault Systems – Voodoo
9. Ancient Methods – Else (Radio Edit)
10. Unknown – Cunning Love
11. Autechre – VLetrmx
12. Robert Hood – Minus
13. Autechre – 777
14. Decal – Aquatech
15. Zomby – Strange fruit
16. Surgeon – Bad Hands II
17. Wolf Eyes – Stabbed In The Face
18. DJ Rush – Maniac
19. Clark – Truncation Horn
20. Universal Indicator – Untitled (Red One1)
21. Africa Hi-Tech – Said Speed
22. AFX – Reunion
23. Pendle Coven – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
24. Lakker – Unexpected Error
25. Ken Ishii – Drummelter (Lakker Edit)
26. Mu-Ziq – Approaching Menace
27. Tech Level 2 – Whowanseekwar (Mix 3)
28. Current Value – Fear
29. Pan Sonic – Corona


4 Replies to “Our Set @ Jigs N’ Rigs 2010”

  1. it’s deadly. loved it then, love it now. thanks so much for coming up, guys. the tunes in our tent were mindblowing all weekend long. see ye next year.

    1. yeah fair balls to ye for putting it on..
      Highlight for me was hearing fresh sunken foal tunes on that fuck awsome rig of yours. clear as a bell man.
      Also when you look out of your tent you realise your on a island looking down onto the top of Ireland.
      great location ,proper sounds.

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